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"Earthquake" marked a series of firsts for me: my debut on a label, my first collaboration with the talented singer Jorik Burema, and my venture into music production with my co-producer and mentor, Niklas Long. Niklas, from the very beginning, has been nothing short of a guiding light. His expertise in music production and marketing not only shaped the sound and success of "Earthquake" but also paved the way for its signing with LFTD, marking a pivotal moment in my career.

The inspiration behind "Earthquake" was drawn from a place of profound empathy and reflection, following the devastating earthquake in Türkiye. The tragedy, which led to significant loss and suffering, moved me deeply, compelling me to channel these emotions into music. This song is more than just a track; it's a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit and a commemoration of the lives affected by such a catastrophic event. Niklas's role was instrumental in bringing this vision to life, ensuring that "Earthquake" not only resonated with listeners but also stood as a meaningful piece in the aftermath of the disaster.

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